Management Consultant
野宮 武美


1944 青森市久栗坂に生まれる。礼文町礼文小学校卒業。青森市浅虫温泉・浅虫中学校卒業。
Born in Kugurisaka, Aomori City.Graduated from Rebun Elementary School in Rebun Town.Graduated from Asamushi Junior High School, Asamushi Onsen, Aomori City.
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  • 同窓会
1969 産業能率短期大学事務能率科卒業。
産業能率大学(さんぎょうのうりつだいがく、英語: Sanno University)は、東京都世田谷区等々力六丁目39番15号に本部を置く日本の私立大学。1942年創立、1979年大学設置。1979年の創立以来、産業能率大学を校名としていたが、1989年(平成元年)より「産能大学」(さんのうだいがく)と変更、2006年4月より再び産業能率大学に変更した。2013年には、経営学部にマーケティング学科を開設。
Graduated from Sanno Junior College of Business Administration.Sanno University is a private Japanese university headquartered at 39‐15, Todoroki 6 chome,Setagaya ku, Tokyo.Founded in 1942, the university was established in 1979.Since its foundation in 1979, the school name had been Sanno University, but in 1989, the name was changed to Sanno University (Sanno Daigaku), and in April 2006, it was changed again to Sanno University.In 2013, the Department of Marketing was established in the Faculty of Business Administration.
  • 産業能率大学
1969 港区赤坂の(株)丸紅モータース入社。外国車販売の営業担当。
Joined Marubeni Motors Corporation in Akasaka, Minatoku,Tokyo.Foreign car sales manager.
1971 品川区西五反田6丁目中原街道入口に(株)野宮外車販売を設立。丸紅モータースの輸入車(アメリカ車)の販売代理店となるが、並行して3ナンバーまでの自動車整備工場もショウルームの隣に設置する。
Nonomiya Foreign Car Sales Co., Ltd. is established at the entrance of Nakahara Kaido, Nishi-Gotanda 6 chome, Shinagawa ku, Tokyo.It will be a distributor of Marubeni Motors' imported vehicles (American cars), and in parallel,an auto body shop for up to three license plates will be set up next to the showroom.
  • アメリカ車1
  • アメリカ車3
  • アメリカ車4
  • アメリカ車5
  • アメリカ車6
  • アメリカ車7
  • アメリカ車8
  • アメリカ車9
  • 事務所1
  • 事務所2
1975 上記工場、ショールームは借地の為、地主さんのビル建設に伴い大田区大森南3丁目へ移転して、(有)光自動車工業を設立して中古輸入外車の販売と指定整備工場を展開する。
Since the above factory and showroom are on leased land, they were relocated to OmoriMinami 3 chome, Ota ku, Tokyo, to accommodate the construction of a building by thelandowner, and a limited company, Hikari Automobile Industry, was established to sell usedimported foreign cars and develop a designated maintenance shop.
  • 光自動車工業1
  • 光自動車工業2
  • 光自動車工業3
  • 光自動車工業4
  • 光自動車工業5
  • 外車1
  • 外車2
  • 外車3
  • 外車4
1976 前年にイギリスロンドンから並行輸入としてモーガンスポーツを輸入して日本の通関と型式検査と保安基準を日本式に改善した後、見事に品川ナンバーを取得したことが当時の中古外車業界での初めて快挙とのことから大手業界新聞に大々的に紹介されました。個人での中古輸入車の先駆者として報道されましたが、しかしながら結果としてはこの後、大きく高額な金額での倒産をして、外車業界から身を引いて整備工場の権利を売却して一時(一年間位)、不動産貸付業の社長の運転手兼営業マンとして北区田端に通勤の事実もあります。
After importing a Morgan Sport from London, England as a parallel import the previous year and improving the Japanese customs clearance, type inspection, and safety standards to the Japanese style, he successfully obtained a Shinagawa license plate number, which was widely introduced in major industry newspapers as the first accomplishment in the used foreign car industry at that time. He was reported as a pioneer in the private used imported car business,but as a result, he went bankrupt for a large sum o f money, withdrew from the foreign car business, sold the rights to his maintenance shop, and temporarily (for about a year) commuted to Tabata, Kita Ward, as a driver and salesman for the president of a real estate loan business.
  • 輸入車
  • 輸入車の改善
  • 仲間
1978 渋谷区千駄ケ谷鳩森神社前のビル1階に喫茶店BMWを開業。新橋店、新中野店、西新宿店をチェーン化する。喫茶店のチェーン化も4店まで増えて少し余裕もできて、子供も3人に恵まれて、商売繁盛を長く続ける予定です。これらと並行して不動産業への転進を考える。
Opened coffee shop BMW on the first floor of a building in front of Hatomori Shrine,Sendagaya, Shibuya ku, Tokyo. The Shinbashi, Shin Nakano, and Nishi Shinjuku branches were added to the chain.The chain of coffee shops has grown to four, we can afford a little more, we are blessed with three children, and we plan to keep our business thriving for a long time.In parallel with these plans, he is considering a move into the real estate business.
  • 富士山
1980 群馬県前橋市三俣町3丁目空きビルを借りて婦人服の卸業として、(有)大京産業設立。
Established Daikyo Sangyo Ltd. as a wholesaler of women's clothing in a vacant building in 3 chome, Mitsumata cho, Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture.
1982 渋谷区で、(株)大京ハウジング(不動産業)設立。主としてリゾートの開発と別荘の売買を専門。富士五湖、山梨、長野、新潟を得意として営業する。
Established DAIKYO HOUSING CORPORATION (real estate business) in Shibuyaku,Tokyo.Specializes mainly in resort development and the sale and purchase of vacation homes.Specializes in Fuji Five Lakes, Yamanashi, Nagano, and Niigata.
  • 桧ハウジング
1985 茨城県大子温泉で旅館、鮎が瀬荘を経営したが短期間で転売する。
Owned a ryokan "Ayugaseso", in Ogo Onsen, Ibaraki Prefecture, but resold it after a short period of time.
  • 大子温泉
  • 大子温泉
  • 大子温泉
1988 山梨県大月市猿橋で大手企業の研究所、工場を買取、(株)大京倉庫を設立、賃倉庫業が主力となる。
Ltd. is established in Saruhashi, Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, purchasing the laboratories and factories of a major company and becoming the mainstay of the warehousing business.
  • 大京倉庫
  • 大京倉庫
  • 大京倉庫
  • 大京倉庫
1990 新宿区西新宿に椿堂コンサルタント開業をして外国人に対して日本法人設立や会社M&A外国会社の東京支店登記などを手掛ける。
Tsubakido Consultants opened in Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku ku, Tokyo, offering services such as establishment of Japanese corporations for foreigners and registration of Tokyo branch offices of foreign companies for mergers and acquisitions. (Later renamed O MC Accounting Office).Conversely, I also established a branch of Daikyo Warehouse in Hong Kong and registered it with the Hong Kong government as a foothold for full fledged overseas expansion.
  • 開業
  • 香港出張
1992 不動産業者の仲間とバブル時代、世界の不動産業界を視察する名目でアメリカ・ヨーロッパを旅行する。写真はパリで当時俳優のかたわら副業としてホテルやコンドミニアムの経営を手広く行っていたアランドロンとの夕食会のスナップです。
He traveled to the U.S. and Europe with a fellow real estate agent under the bubble economy in the name of inspecting the world real estate industry.The photo is a snapshot of a dinner meeting in Paris with Alandron, who at the time was running a hotel and condominium business on the side while working as an actor.
  • アランドロン
  • インド
  • ギリシャ
  • パリ
  • 海外旅行
1995 不動産会社として都内、近郊のマンションの売買を積極的にやっていた当時身内の長姉の資金援助もあり小さな1棟マンションも自社ビルでとして売買初めてやりました。少し時間とお金の余裕ができた時は湯布院の温泉巡りや香港、シンガポールのラッフルズホテルなど国内、海外旅行が頻繁にできていました。
As a real estate company, we were actively buying and selling condominiums in Tokyo and its suburbs, and with the financial support of my eldest sister, we bought and sold a small condominium in our own building for the first time.When I had a little time and money to spare, I frequently traveled to Yufuin hot spring resort,Hong Kong, Raffles Hotel in Singapore, and other places in Japan and abroad.
  • 湯布院
  • 海外旅行1
  • 海外旅行2
  • 長姉
1996 千葉県市原市で36ホールの八房ゴルフ場の経営参カロ。(専務取締役)
Management counselor of the 36 hole Hachibo Golf Course in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture. (Senior Managing Director)
  • 八房ゴルフ場1
  • 八房ゴルフ場2
  • 八房ゴルフ場3
1998 新宿区市谷柳町大久保通りで輸入家具、雑貨の販売でクインシーズ市ヶ谷店を開業。
Opened Quincy's Ichigaya store on Okubo Street, Ichigaya Yanagi cho, Shinjuku ku, Tokyo,selling imported furniture and sundries.
  • クインシーズ1
  • クインシーズ2
  • クインシーズ3
  • クインシーズ4
  • クインシーズ5
2000 イタリア家具、輸入小物のクインシーズ市ヶ谷店を赤字の為、閉店として改めて不動産業として中央区日本橋の貸ビル経営、(株)現代オーナーズにCEOとして資本参加、都心の事業用不動産を手がける。
Closed Quincy's Ichigaya store of Italian furniture and imported accessories due to losses, and rejoined Gendai Owners Co., Ltd. as CEO to manage rental buildings in Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo, as a real estate business.
  • 現代オーナーズ2000年
  • 現代オーナーズ2000年
  • 現代オーナーズ2000年
2001 子供3人の中で最初に長女27歳が横浜市の会社員と結婚しました。学生時代から5~6年の交際があったようです。不動産業と貸倉庫業を営んでいましたので、取引関係者が数多く出席をしてくれました。
The first of our three children, our oldest daughter, age 27, married a company employee in Yokohama. They had been dating for 5 6 years since they were students. He was in the real estate and warehouse rental business, so many people involved in the busin ess attended the wedding.
  • 長女の結婚式
2004 市谷柳町の店舗ビル4階建を賃貸から、買取にして所有者となったが2004年に大久保通り道路拡張の為東京都に売却接収されたので、渋谷区代々木駅前ビルへと移転するが代々木では主に会社設立や中国の支店登記、会社M&Aなどのコンサルタント業務だが主となり不動産業務は西新宿の永谷ビル3階フロアを3室広く使用して中国関係の取引が活発となっていた。
Became the owner of a four story retail building in Ichigaya Yanagicho, which he purchased from a lease, but was sold and confiscated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2004 for the Okubo Street road expansion, so he moved to the Yoyogi Station Buildi ng in Shibuya Ward.In Yoyogi, the main business was consulting services such as company establishment, Chinese branch registration, and company M&A. The real estate business used three rooms on the third floor of the Nagatani Building in Nishi Shinjuku, and was actively enga ged in business with Chinese companies.
(Group companies are currently operating in the Nagatani Building in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office in Shinjuku Ward.)
  • 現代オーナーズ1
  • 現代オーナーズ2
  • 現代オーナーズ3
  • 現代オーナーズ4
  • 現代オーナーズ5
  • 現代オーナーズ6
  • 現代オーナーズ7
2005 法人格のコンサルタント会社とは.別途に定年後のクライアントの方も一部対象とした住、金、健康等をテーマとした。
With the incorporated consulting firm . Separately, the company will focus on housing, money,health, etc., with some post retirement clients as well.Established Takemi Nonomiya's Operation Center as a personal consulting company.
  • 野宮武美作戦本部HP
2006 渋谷区の内閣府NPO法人の理事長に就任。主として高齢者の健康増進、青少年の健全育成、多重債務者の救済と社会復帰への手助け等を手がける。

Appointed as the president of a cabinet non profit organization in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.Mainly involved in promoting the health of the elderly, sound upbringing of youth, helping multiple debtors and helping them reintegrate into society, etc.
Established a local sales office in Beijing and Shanghai, China, jointly with Daikyo Warehouse Corporation, Gendai Owners Corporation, and OMC Accounting Office, to be operated by local Chinese staff.
  • 中国営業所
  • 中国営業所
  • 中国営業所
  • OMC会計中国営業所
2007 現代オーナーズのグループとして中国とのコネクシュンを活用した、在日の中国女性を中心として日本との友好を基本とした国際結婚紹介所としてサロン現代を開設(NNR会員として登録した)
Salon Gendai opened as an international marriage agency based on friendship with Japan,mainly for Chinese women living in Japan, utilizing connections with China as a group of Gendai Owners (registered as a member of NNR).
2008 貸ビルの清里大京ビルの大規模修繕工事を手掛けて貸しと売買の両方で事業の多用化を計る。
The company is planning to diversify its business by undertaking large scale repair work on the Kiyosato Daikyo Building, a building for rent, both for rent and for sale.
  • 清里大京ビル1
  • 清里大京ビル2
  • 清里大京ビル3
  • 清里大京ビル4
2011 北海道宗谷地方、浜頓別の元18ホールのゴルフ場跡地48万坪を買取契約をする資金は身内長姉からの現金相続と1部借り入れの合計で相当な金額となる、この後1年後に周辺の丘陵地(山林)62万坪を横入して全部で110万坪の広大な土地となる。
The funds to purchase the former 18 hole golf course site in Hamatombetsu, Soya District,Hokkaido, amounted to a substantial sum, consisting of cash inheritance from the eldest sister and a partial loan,One year later, the land will be subdivided into surrounding hills (mountain forest) of 620,000 tsubo, making a total of 1,100,000 tsubo of land.
  • 位置
  • 空中写真
  • 浜頓別川
2012 現代オーナーズの中国版HPをリニューアルして、新しくシンガポールのウェブサイトにも簡体文・繁体文の両方で営業を展開する。
Renewal of the Chinese version of the website of Gendai Owners, and newly expand the business to the Singapore website in both simplified and traditional Chinese.
Due to the misconduct of a subcontractor in the registration of the incorporation of a company of a consultant of OMC accounting firm, I, the head of the original contractor, was criminally prosecuted and sentenced to 4 years probation for "misrepresentati on of the original notarized deed",which will be completed in 2016 and the accounting firm will be dissolved and put out of business.
2013 6月 香港、マカオで日本の産業品、食品フェアがあったので、便乗して不動産の展示会を申込み、日本のゴルフ場(18ホール)の売却、新築ビル、一棟マンションや北海道の山林約110万坪のセールスをしてきました、この後東京現代不動産が初めて香港のTVに日本のマンション販売の窓口として紹介されました。この時から、中国人が東京のワンルームマンションを投資対象として考えていただき、半年間で約30戸のマンションの成約につながりました。
We took advantage of the Japanese industrial and food fair in Hong Kong and Macau to apply for a real estate exhibition, and sold a Japanese golf course (18 holes), a new building, a condominium, and a forest in Hokkaido (about 1,100,000 tsubo).After this, Tokyo Gendai Real Estate was introduced on Hong Kong TV for the first time as a contact point for Japanese condominium sales. From this time on, Chinese people began to consider studio apartments in Tokyo as an investment target, leading to the signing of contracts for approximately 30 condominiums in a six month period.
  • 香港・マカオ展示会1
  • 香港・マカオ展示会2
  • 香港・マカオ展示会3
12月 名前(苗字)の由来と先祖のルーツを旅行の合間に調べました。人名調査の大先生の森岡氏の文献や京都の古典など調べました。最初は平安時代の藤原道長が始まりでその子供、孫の時、分家をした際に野宮を名乗ったことが解りました。藤原家、野宮家は当時天皇の側近として仕えた公家が身分のようでした。分家に野宮家を名乗った後、京都右京区嵯峨野に野宮神社を建立して、伊勢神宮の神主(斎王と言う)のを伊勢に赴任する前にここで教養、しつけ、礼儀などを1年間修業してから伊勢神宮へ送ったそうです。今で言う学校みたいなものです。これは源氏物語にも詳しく出ております。この神社があったのが右京区嵯峨野宮町1番地(現在もある)にあった野宮神社だったのです。その後多くの子孫が全国に散らばっていくうちに読み方を字画の通りノミヤと名乗った者が数多くになったそうです。苗字の読み方は西川(サイカワ)、安部(アンバイ)、山内(ヤマノウチ)と様々な読み方をしております。2泊3日の旅行で大分勉強になりルーツが公家だと解り少し誇らしげになりました。 野宮神社は嵐山地区にあり近くは渡月橋、保津川、天龍寺、嵯峨竹林など有名な観光場所でもあります。ぜひ訪れてみてください。
I researched the origin of my name (surname) and the roots of my ancestors in between trips.I researched the literature of Mr. Morioka, a great expert in name research, as well as Kyoto classics.I found out that the first family name was Fujiwara no Michinaga during the Heian period(794 1185), and that his children and grandchildren took the name Nonomiya when they became branch families of the Fujiwara family.The Fujiwara and Nonomiya families were court nobles who served as close associates of the emperor at that time.After the branch family took the name Nonomiya, they built Nonomiya Shrine in Sagano,Ukyo ku, Kyoto, and trained the Shinto priests (called Saio) of Ise Jingu Shrine for one year in culture, discipline, and etiquette before sending them to Ise Jingu Shrin e. (It is like a school today.) This is also detailed in the Tale of Genji.This is mentioned in detail in the Tale of Genji.This shrine was located at 1 Saganomiya cho, Ukyo ku (where it still stands today) and was called Nonomiya Shrine.After that, many descendants were scattered all over the country, and many of them took the name "Nomiya", as it is written in the Chinese alphabet.*The surname is read in various ways, such as "Saikawa"(西川),"Ambai"(安部), and "Yamanouchi" (山内).I learned a lot during the 3day/2 night trip and felt a little proud to know that my roots are in the nobility.Nomiya Shrine is located in the Arashiyama area, which is famous for its sightseeing spots such as Togetsu Bridge, Hozugawa River, Tenryuji Temple, and Saga Bamboo Forest.Please visit the shrine.
  • 野宮神社1
  • 野宮神社2
  • 野宮神社3
  • 野宮神社4
  • 嵯峨竹林
  • 渡月橋
12月 取引先の招待で沼津のあわしまホテルに招待される、客室がすべてVIP用のスイートルームで朝晩豪華なフランス料理、屋外の温泉から富士山の景色は圧巻でした。
Invited by a business partner to the Awashima Hotel in Numazu.All guest rooms were VIP suites with sumptuous French cuisine for breakfast and dinner, and the view of Mount Fuji from the outdoor hot spring was breathtaking.
  • あわしまホテル
  • あわしまホテル1
  • あわしまホテル2
  • あわしまホテル3
  • あわしまホテル4
  • あわしまホテル5
2014 中国北京、上海の他、青島営業所と新しく福建営業所と大連営業所を設置させてもらいました。特に大連は、何度か出張しているので多少の親近感があります。3か所とも日本語が堪能な中国人が責任者となっていますので、今後の成果が楽しみです。
In addition to Beijing and Shanghai, China, we have established a Qingdao sales office, as well as new Fujian and Dalian sales offices.I feel some familiarity with Dalian, especially since I have made several business trips there. All three offices are headed by Chinese nationals who are fluent in Japanese, and I look forward to seeing the results of their efforts in the future.
2015 4月 名古屋のTV局の他、弊社のグループ会社の現代不動産の営業の案内を、香港、上海のTVに続いて1月には大連のTVと新聞にも紹介されてれています。おかげさまで中国からのお客様で毎日が忙しくなっています、この他東京のTV局3社が、現代オーナーズの中国人向けの不動産案内を同行取材したのですが、偶然にも鬼怒川温泉マンションが3回とも取材の対象となりました。温泉付きと不動産売買価格が極端に安いのでニュース性があったみたいです。
In addition to a TV station in Nagoya, our group company Gendai Real Estate's sales information was introduced on TV in Dalian and in newspapers in January, following TV stations in Hong Kong and Shanghai.Thanks to this, we are getting busier and busier every day with customers from China.In addition, three TV stations in Tokyo accompanied Gendai Owners' real estate guide for Chinese people to cover the event, and coincidentally, Kinugawa Onsen Onsen Mansion was the subject of coverage on all three occasions.The Kinugawa Onsen condominium was coincidentally the subject of coverage on all three occasions.
4月 中国山東省の投資使節団が6名家族で北海道の110万坪の内見で来日しました。札幌からマイクロバスをチャーターに3泊4日の行程です。視察の後は道内観光もあるそうです。見学の後は地元役場や北海道電力の本社の課長など太陽光発電の調査と現地確認が主なものでした。
An investment delegation from Shandong Province, China, came to Japan with a family of six for a preview of 1.1 million tsubo in Hokkaido.The itinerary is 4 days and 3 nights in a chartered microbus from Sapporo.After the tour, they will have a sightseeing tour of Hokkaido.After the tour, the main part of the visit was a survey and on site confirmation of solar power generation, including a visit to the local town hall and a section chief at the Hokkaido Electric Power Co. headquarters.
  • 北海道山林
  • 北海道山林
  • 使節団全員写真
  • スケジュール予定表
9月 上海の東方酒店国際会議場で大規模な投資移民の説明展示会に参加して日本の収益不動産を数多く紹介してきました。この時は青島と北京の責任者が応援で駆け付けてくれて大いに盛り上がりました。
I participated in a large scale investment immigration explanatory exhibition at the Oriental Hotel International Convention Center in Shanghai, introducing a number of Japanese income producing real estate properties.On this occasion, the people in charge of Qingdao and Beijing came to support the event and it was a great success.
  • 東方酒店国際会議場1
  • 東方酒店国際会議場2
  • 東方酒店国際会議場3
10月 NHK夜9時のニュース番組で現代不動産が紹介されました。
Gendai Real Estate was introduced on NHK's 9:00 p.m. news program.
  • テレビ報道
  • テレビ報道
  • テレビ報道
12月 NHKのクローズアップ現代に現代オーナーズが収益不動産を中国人向けに特化した営業の案内で詳しく紹介される。
Gendai Owners was introduced in detail on NHK's Close Up Gendai in a guide to sales of income producing real estate specifically to Chinese customers.
A Christmas party for the Gendai Sudan and the entire group was held at a hotel in Kudan(31 attendess).
  • 九段クリスマス会
2016 1月 現代オーナーズの営業を不動産販売だけではなく中国のお客様の中で希望した場合には投資ビザも取得、出来るように一部営業の中味を特化した方法でシステム化しました。このケースで今まで3件のお客様が大型ホテルの取得、一棟ビルや一棟マンションを買った後、スムーズに投資経営、管理ビザの取得に成功しております。
We have systematized our business in a way that allows us to specialize not only in real estate sales, but also in the acquisition of investment visas for Chinese clients who wish to do so.In this case, we have succeeded in acquiring a large hotel, a building, and a condominium, and then smoothly obtaining investment and management visas for three of our clients.
3月 山中湖で20年間歴史のある、クリスマスの森サンタクロースミュージアムをM&Aにて取得、営業中。
Acquired Santa Claus Museum in Lake Yamanaka, which has been in operation for 20 years,through M&A.
  • クリスマスの森サンタクロースミュージアム1
  • クリスマスの森サンタクロースミュージアム2
  • クリスマスの森サンタクロースミュージアム3
  • クリスマスの森サンタクロースミュージアム4
9月 鬼怒川温泉の大型保養所(本館の他はなれ11棟)の休業中の施設を買い取って現在、大規模リフォーム中です。完成は3月頃の予定です。
We have purchased the closed facilities of a large recreation center (main building +11 outbuildings) in Kinugawa Onsen and are currently undergoing a large scale renovation.Completion is scheduled for around March.
  • 鬼怒川温泉1
  • 鬼怒川温泉2
  • 鬼怒川温泉3
  • 鬼怒川温泉4
2017 2月 長崎の五島列島、福江島近くの無人島(約2万㎡)を開発の夢の宝島として売出中です。水も電気もなく全くの無人島の状態です。
An uninhabited island (approx. 20,000 m2) near Fukuejima, Goto Islands, Nagasaki, is being offered for sale as a dream treasure island for development.The island is completely uninhabited with no water or electricity.
  • 無人島1
  • 無人島2
  • 無人島3
12月 今年も恒例のクリスマス会(忘年会)を九段のホテルでグループ全体で行いましたが、子どもの参加が少ないく、大人だけだったので、90分位で終了となりました。来年もよろしくお願いします。
We held our annual Christmas party (year end party) at a hotel in Kudan for the entire group this year, but since not many children attended and it was adults only, the party ended after about 90 minutes.We look forward to seeing you again next year.
  • クリスマス会2017
2018 2月 平成30年も大型案件、箱根の和風旅館の売却&コンサルタントでスタートしています。仙石原の平坦地で近くには美術館、ミュージアムと人気ホテルなどが数多くあります。新宿から直通バスも出ていて最近は便利になりました。
We are starting the year 2008 with a large project, the sale & consultancy of a Japanese style inn in Hakone.It is located on a flat area in Sengokuhara with many art galleries, museums and popular hotels nearby.There is a direct bus service from Shinjuku, which has recently become more convenient.
  • 箱根旅館
  • 箱根旅館
  • 箱根旅館
  • 箱根旅館
9月 北海道は京都や沖縄と同じ位、外国人にとても人気があります。私が関係している会社、北海道緑地産業(株)も稚内空港から車で1時間の所に元18ホールのゴルフ場跡地、約110万坪の広大な山林(自然林)を所有しています。ほぼ平坦地(一部丘陵地)なので太陽光や牧場、農場などに、許可を取れば転用ができるようです。これをグループ会社全体で外国人に投資物件として参加してもらう為にプロジェクトが進んでいます。近い将来には成功の可能性が充分あるようです。
Hokkaido is as popular with foreigners as Kyoto or Okinawa.The company I am associated with, Hokkaido Green Land Industry Co., Ltd. also owns a former 18 hole golf course and a vast forest (natural forest) of approximately 1,100,000 tsubo,located an hour's drive from Wakkanai Airport.The land is mostly flat (with some hills) and can be converted to solar power, ranches, farms,and other uses with permission.A project is underway to have foreigners participate in this as investment properties throughout the group companies.There seems to be a good chance of success in the near future.
  • 北海道山林
  • 北海道山林
  • 北海道山林
  • 北海道山林
  • 北海道山林
11月 釧路中心地、イトーヨーカ堂の前の六階建てを所有の(株)現代集団が58室のホテルをM&Aしました。長期間休業状態だったので、外壁はともかく、中の設備はひどい状態でした。これから半年位かけ、大工事をしてからホテルのオープンは2019年8月を予定しています。又、最近流行っている朝食付きだけのレストランを二階に設けて、インバウンドをお客様としたシンプルな方向性を目指してみます。
Gendai Shudan Co., Ltd, which owns a six story building in front of Ito Yokado in central Kushiro, has acquired a 58 room hotel through M&A.The hotel had been closed for a long period of time, and aside from the exterior walls, the facilities inside were in a terrible state.The hotel is scheduled to open in August 2019 after about six months of major construction work.We are also planning to set up a breakfast only restaurant on the second floor, which has recently become popular, and aim for a simple direction with inbound customers.
  • 釧路ホテル
  • 釧路ホテル
  • 釧路ホテル
  • 釧路ホテル
  • 釧路ホテル
  • 釧路ホテル
2019 1月 伊勢神宮へ通算五回目のお参りをしました。いつもおかげ横丁で食事をしています。電車は近鉄特急で名古屋まで新幹線で乗り継いで行きますが車では5時間位かかります。
I visited Ise Jingu Shrine for the fifth time in total. I always have a meal at Okage Yokocho.I take the Kintetsu limited express train to Nagoya and connect with the Shinkansen bullet train, but it takes about 5 hours by car.


We are working on an owner occupied 41 room Japanese style ryokan in the Kawaguchiko and Kodate area.Sales have been doubling year after year for the last two years and seem to be doing extremely well.We have received partnerships from Airbnb and other companies specializing in inbound travel, and in the summer we are fully booked every day, to the point that we receive complaints from our regular guests.The management staff is solid and the annual revenue yield is 12%.Fuji, Fujikyu Highland, and hot springs are the attractions of Kawaguchiko.I will focus on selling this in the first half of this year.

2019  4月  毎年河口湖鳴沢山荘の利用はいつも4月の連休から始まります。
Every year the use of Kawaguchiko Narusawa Sanso always starts with the consecutive holidays in April.Although it is a bit cold, I recommend the mossy lawn cherry blossoms at Lake Motosu and the cherry blossoms at Arakurayama Sengen Park.Both are attracting more foreign tourists than Japanese these days.Thanks to this, cars are jammed and train and bus reservations are hard to come by.Please consider the time and accessibility and give it a try.You will be very satisfied.
2019  9月  関連会社北海道緑地産業(株)が単独所有している北海道、浜頓別の大自然林(110万坪)
We created a new English and Arabic website to expedite the sale of a large natural forest(1,100,000 tsubo) in Hamatombetsu, Hokkaido, which is solely owned by our affiliated company, Hokkaido Green Land Industry Co., Ltd.The translations by Middle East and Arabic experts have been well received for their concise but thorough guidance and explanations.We will soon begin full scale sales activities with a local agent in the heart of Dubai.
2020  2月 関連会社(株)現代集団の所有している6階建58室のビジネスホテルの大規模修繕の工事をこの春五月より始める予定です。設備と調度品、外装の全面的な改装、改築なので、相当な金額となりますが、一部海外のファンドを利用しての資金調達を考えております。1年近くの工期を見込んでいますので、私も釧路の長期出張が楽しみとなっております。
We are planning to start construction this May on a large scale renovation of a six story, 58room business hotel owned by our affiliate, Gendai Shudan Co., Ltd,Since this is a complete renovation and remodeling of the facilities, furnishings, and exterior,it will cost a considerable amount of money, and we are considering using some overseas funds to finance the project.We expect the construction period to be close to one year, so I am looking forward to a long business trip to Kushiro.

2020  5月 世界遺産の平泉、中尊寺から車で20分ぐらいの奥州市胆沢地区に27年の歴史のある、温泉旅館の再生、再建が始まりました。東京から車で5時間の距離ですが、今はネットの時代なので、電話やラインなどでさほど不便はないようです。中規模の施設ですが、源泉だけは凄い量のようです。単純アルカリ性の神経痛や打ち身、ねんざなどに良く効くようですが、温泉旅館瑞月では長年美人の湯として評判のようです。
The revitalization and reconstruction of a 27year old onsen ryokan has begun in the Isawa district of Oshu City, about 20 minutes by car from the World Heritage sites of Hiraizumi and Chuson ji.It is a 5hour drive from Tokyo, but nowadays, in the age of the Internet, it is not so inconvenient by phone or line.It is a medium sized facility, but only the spring water seems to be of great quantity.It is a simple alkaline spring that is good for neuralgia, bruises, and sprains, and has a long standing reputation at Onsen Ryokan Zuigetsu as a hot spring for beautiful women.

2020  9月 本年2月から中国からのコロナウイルスの影響で世界が騒然となり、5月頃からは経済事情も一変しました。あらゆる産業での休業や時間短縮、生産調整などですべての世界がそのために苦境となり、弊社の物件も売れなくなりました。ホテル旅館などのサービス、観光業が一番の被害を受けています。相当多くの売れ残りが出て、とても、今のまく引きとはいかなくなりました。特に北海道緑地産業(株)の110万坪の広大な土地はその処理には中国、アラブ、ベトナムなどの外国が関係していましたので、この先も大変厄介なことになりそうです。とても定年退職とはいきません、やるしかないと老体に鞭を打つ覚悟でおります。
Since February of this year, the world has been in turmoil due to the coronavirus from China,and the economic situation has changed dramatically since around May.All the world has suffered because of it, with closings, reduced hours, and production adjustments in all industries, and our properties have not been able to sell.The service and tourism industry, including hotels and inns, has suffered the most. A significant number of unsold properties are no longer available for sale, and the current market discount is no longer available.In particular, the vast land of 1,100,000 tsubo of Hokkaido Green Land Industry Co., Ltd.I am determined to do what I have to do, and I am ready to give my old body a good whipping.

2021  2月 ベトナムや中国では今日から春節となります、例年の賑やかさとは少し違ったお正月のようです。世界中のコロナがまだ収束していない為、静かな新年とのことです。弊社も北海道110万坪の大型案件や、釧路ホテル、岩手の温泉旅館、河口湖の和風旅館など大くの在庫を残しております。早くコロナが解決して、また、以前のように大勢の外国人と取引の再開が出来るのを心待ちにしております。
Today is the Chinese New Year in Vietnam and China.It seems to be a slightly different New Year's than the usual festivities.It is said to be a quiet New Year because the coronas around the world have not yet been settled.We also have a large inventory left, including a large scale project of 1.1 million tsubo in Hokkaido, a hotel in Kushiro, a hot spring inn in Iwate, and a Japanese style inn in Kawaguchiko.We are looking forward to the Corona situation being resolved soon so that we can resume business with many foreigners as we did before.

2021  8月 コロナが8月になっても大流行なので困っています。東京だけではなく、地方も陽性者が増えていくばかりで本気を入れないと日本中が大変なことになりそうです。やはり都市部よりは地方が多少の安全、安心が期待できるので老生も単身とか社員も同行して河口湖の古民家や榛名湖のマンションにテレワークの名目で出張出かけています。どちらも2時間以内で行けるので東京を離れてのテレワークで何とか営業を続けています。売物件として所有していたのがマサカの再利用でビックリです。
I am troubled by the fact that coronas are still very prevalent in August.The number of positive cases is increasing not only in Tokyo but also in the rural areas.Since rural areas can expect a certain degree of safety and security compared to urban areas,he and his employees travel to an old house on Lake Kawaguchi and an apartment on Lake Haruna under the guise of teleworking.Both of these places are less than two hours away, so the "Mere Old Man" has managed to continue his business by teleworking away from Tokyo.I was surprised to find that the property I owned for sale has been repurposed.
2021  11月 ロンドンで開催したCOP26での世界の先進国はCO²削減の目標を策定してその実現に向かっております。関連会社の北海道緑地産業(株)が所有する浜頓別110万坪がいよいよその真価を発揮する時が来たようです。コロナも最近ではかなり少なくなってきていますので、大手企業のT社、S社、N社など複数の企業からの問い合わせが入っています。担当者も常務とか部長などの役席が多く、かなり真剣に前向きに検討されているようで、とても嬉しい限りです。太陽光、風力発電だけではなく、森として森林としての再生を考えていただくと更なる可能性となりますので、楽しみにしています。コロナも最近ではなくなっていますので、早く海外からもオファーをあることを期待して新しい2022年を決戦の時と考えております。
At COP26 held in London, the world's leading countries have formulated targets for CO² reduction and are working to achieve them. It seems that the time has finally come for the 1,100,000 tsubo of Hamatombetsu owned by our affiliate Hokkaido Green Land Industry Co. to show its true value. Corona is becoming quite scarce these days, and we have received inquiries from several major companies, including Company T, Company S, and Company N. The person in charge of the project, including the managing director and the general manager, is also a person in charge of the project. We are very happy to hear that many of the people in charge of the project are also executive directors or general managers, and that they are considering the project very seriously and positively. I am looking forward to seeing further possibilities if they consider not only solar and wind power generation, but also forest regeneration. Corona is no longer available these days, so I hope that we will soon receive offers from abroad, and I consider the new year 2022 to be the decisive time.
2022  3月 ウクライナとロシアの紛争が2月から始まりました。果たして2国間だけで終わるのか、それともさらに旧ソ連の復活を求める1部独裁者の野望の為、拡大するのか見通しがつきません。仮に戦争が拡大した場合、日本も巻き込まれる可能性があります。今や世界経済はあらゆる場面で同じ立ち位置なのです。エネルギー電気を主として、食料、飲料水などの水資源、きれいな空気の自然環境、これらは世界人類にとっては、命と同じくらい大事で必要なものです。偶然に北海道、浜頓別の110万坪は全てこの要求を満たしています。太陽光、バイオマス発電、牧場での乳牛、肉牛生産、農場として大豆や馬鈴薯などの農産物、地下水を利用したペットポトルの製造、あらゆる転用例が考えられます。世界的な食料危機や飲み水の確保は至上命題となります。ぜひこの110万坪を今一度、考えてみてください。気候温暖化防止、CO²の削減にも大きく貢献できるこの安くて広い土地の活用を大切にしていきましょう。
The conflict between Ukraine and Russia began in February. It remains to be seen whether the conflict will end only between the two countries, or whether it will escalate due to the ambitions of a dictator who seeks to revive the former Soviet Union. If the war escalates, there is a possibility that Japan will be involved. The world economy now stands on the same footing in every sense of the word. Energy, electricity, food, water resources such as drinking water, and a natural environment of clean air are as important and necessary as life for the world's human race. Coincidentally, the 1.1 million tsubo of Hamatombetsu, Hokkaido, meets all of these requirements. Solar and biomass power generation, dairy and beef cattle production on the farm, agricultural products such as soybeans and potatoes as a farm, production of pet pottles using groundwater, and all kinds of diversion examples are possible. The global food crisis and the need to secure drinking water are of paramount importance. Please consider this 1.1 million tsubo once again. Let us cherish the use of this cheap and spacious land that can contribute greatly to the prevention of climate warming and the reduction of CO².

2022  10月 世界的にコロナが終息(収束)か?インバウンドの見通しと円安効果
Is the global corona coming to an end (convergence)? Inbound Outlook and the Effect of the Weakening of the Yen Although there are still a few positive cases in Tokyo, ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 daily, the people concerned are aware that the disease is indeed on the decline. Some people have already finished receiving the fifth dose of Omicron vaccine. Thanks to this vaccine, the disease seems to be less severe. In addition, the zero corona policy continues in China. Due to this policy, the Japanese government also moved to ease entry restrictions on October 11, and the number of foreign travelers, both individuals and groups, seems to be increasing day by day. We, too, have been affected by this trend, and we have received two groups of buyers from Taiwan this month, but the momentum has not reached the level before Corona. We are still troubled by the lack of movement in mainland China. The center of the world economy is no longer centered in Europe and the United States, but has shifted to Asia and the Middle East, with China at the top of the list, so the economic effect on our company has yet to be felt. We are still waiting for the inbound from the mainland to arrive in large numbers.

2023  2月 2023年がスタートしました。コロナ禍の3年間もどうにか乗り切って世界経済は新たな経済活動、コロナ禍情勢の中での経済効果や新規事業への転換など今までの3年間とは全く違う世界経済を気づこうとしています。我々もこの大変革の時代に取り残されることなく、企業としての発展や会社としての利益、継続性など真剣に取り組む必要があります。スタートに宗教法人(お寺納骨堂)古都鎌倉の広大な土地付歴史のある古民家などかなり高額な物件が多く集まってきています。売るのと買うこのバランスの成果を今年は早目に結果を出すつもりです。
The year 2023 has begun. We have somehow survived the three years of the Corona disaster, and the world economy is about to realize a completely different global economy from the previous three years, with new economic activities, economic effects in the midst of the Corona disast er situation, and a shift to new businesses. We, too, must not be left behind in this era of great change, but must seriously address such issues as corporate development, corporate profits, and continuity. To start with, we are seeing a lot of quite expensive properties such as a religious corporation (temple ossuary) and an old private house with a long history with vast land in Kamakura, the ancient capital of Japan. We intend to achieve the results of this balance between selling and buying as early as possible this year.

2023  8月 世界的にコロナが下火となりましたが日本と中国との間で新しく福島第一原発の処理水の海洋放出をめぐって水産物輸入禁止となり全国の水産、加工、輸出業者は大変に困っているようです。処理水を薄めて、海洋投棄が正義なのか、他の方法がないのか、少し両政府にとっての難しい問題です。北海道は福島から遠く離れたのに全く同様の扱いを受けております。日本人から見ると、十分な検査をした上での水産物ならほぼ問題はないのではないかとの考えが一般的となっています。ウニ、エビ、シャケ、こんぶなど北海道の農水産物は日本中でも特に美味しいことで知られています。関係業者は早く立ち直って、元の商売を戻ることを切に願っております。また弊社は長く中国、香港、台湾、マカオなどとも不動産取引やビジネスコンサルタントなどで深い関係にありますので早くの解決を願っております。ホテル、旅館、山林の売却事例も控えているので、影響を心配しております。日中友好が第一、世界平和を祈念しております。
Corona has gone down in the world, but the new ban on seafood imports between Japan and China over the discharge of treated water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the ocean has fanned fisheries, processors, and exporters nationwide into a frenzy. It is a bit of a difaficult issue for both governments as to whether it is justified to dilute the treated water and dump it into the ocean or whether there is no other way. Hokkaido is a long way from Fukushima and yet is being treated in exactly the same way. From the Japanese point of view, there is a general belief that if the seafood has been thoroughly inspected, there is almost no problem. Hokkaido's agricultural and marine products, such as sea urchin, shrimp, salmon, and kelp, are known to be among the most delicious in Japan. We sincerely hope that the related companies will quickly recover and return to their original business. We also hope that the situation will be resolved soon, as we have long had close relationships with China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and other countries through real estate transactions, business consulting, and other services. We are also concerned about the impact of the sale of hotels, inns, and forests on our business. Friendship between Japan and China is our first priority, and we pray for world peace.

2023  11月 7年近く三浦海岸の週末マンションを利用しましたが12月からは仙台蔵王の保養所へ引越を完了します。蔵王山の麓遠刈田温泉と言う昔から利用されている有名温泉のようです。温度が45度と熱く水で調整するほどの温泉のようです。保養所へも源泉が引き込まれていますので、24時間源泉三味となります。少し広いので掃除と管理には地元のシルバーセンターを利用しています。夏の避暑地と冬のスキー秋のフルーツ王国とか言われており、リンゴ、梨、桃、柿、なんでも名産地のようです。少し慣れるまで新幹線で往復とレンタカーを使用していますが来年の夏が楽しみです。
We used a weekend apartment on the Miura coast for almost 7 years, but will complete our move to a recreation center in Sendai Zao from December. It seems to be a famous hot spring called Togatta Onsen located at the foot of Mt. The temperature of the hot spring is as hot as 45 degrees Celsius and is adjusted with water. The source is also drawn into the recreation center, so it is a 24 hour source of hot spring water. It is a little spacious, so the local silver center is used for cleaning and management. It is said to be a summer resort in summer, a ski resort in winter, and a fruit kingdom in autumn, and is famous for apples, pears, peaches, persimmons, and everything else. I am looking forward to next summer, although I will have to take the bullet train and a rental car until I get used to the area.

2024  1月 2024年がスタートしました。元旦の能登の大地震と羽田空港の大事故で日本中が驚きと不安の幕開けとなりました。自然災害はいつ、どこで起こるか予測ができません。羽田はヒューマンエラーの様ですが、これも油断しているともっとすごい大事故になります。日本は内にも外にも少子化問題や経済の低迷、そして尖閣諸島の中国との軋轢などたくさんの不安要因を抱えております。特に隣国の中国との経済交流では不動産不況の為、その影響はかなりのインパクトで弊社まで及んでおります。早く回復をして日本の安全、安心な不動産物件を購入していただくことを願っております。中国がよくなると日本も世界も明るくなります。
The year 2024 has begun. On New Year's Day, a major earthquake in Noto and a serious accident at Haneda Airport caused surprise and anxiety throughout Japan. We cannot predict when and where natural disasters will strike. The Haneda accident seems to have been caused by human error, but it could have been a much more serious accident if we are not careful. Japan has many causes for concern, such as the declining birthrate, sluggish economy, and friction with China over the Senkaku Islands. In particular, the economic exchange with neighboring China has been affected by the real estate recession, which has had a considerable impact on our company. We hope that China will recover soon so that people can purchase safe and secure real estate properties in Japan. When China improves, Japan and the world will be brighter.

As indicated above and in his history, he is an expert with a proven track record and experience in various and sundry industries. He is a management consultant who excels in planning, bank transactions, general affairs, liaison information gathering, and the utilization of real estate assets.

Group companies include Gendai Owners, Gendai Shudan and owner company Gendai Real Estate, as well as Pacific Foods, Nippon Hyakudo, Salon Gendai, and other joint ventures in China and Vietnam.

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